About confidr.me



We stand for our rights for privacy and digital self-determination. Digital life has rapidly changed the past years, Edward Snowden brought up some basic information about how governments and authorities are spying on us. And we are a strong partner on your side to protect your and your customers data.



confidr.me's founder has more than 10 years experience working with Linux and OSS. Even big environments like the swiss e-government, large-scaled hosting or PCI DSS certified environments are nothing out of the ordinary.


Your data is your data. And even if it's part of our business, it's none of our business to know WHAT your data is. We encrypt all harddrives, databases and even your e-mails to be absolutely sure no one can access it without proper permissions. And the only one granted this permissions to is you.
We stand for freedom of speech but nevertheless we have some rules:
We do not accept racism, hate-speech, child-porn, any threat of violence or any other non-ethical content. If we receive a report about any customer providing content or access to this kind of content, we'll investigate and if necesary take down the reported site.


Opensource Software

OSS has some major benefits:
Public collaboration. Many people, developers, security experts even big companies like RedHat, Twitter, Facebook, Google are working togehter on big projects like PHP, bootstrap, Apache or MySQL.
Independence. OSS does not depend upon one company. If the vendor of your software closes, you're left alone. Using OSS, you have the power of a big community supporting the project.
Auditability.Closed-source software forces the customer (you and us) to trust the vendor. So we'd never know, if any of their products will call home and send your or our data to the vendor. Using OSS, you can audit, change and rebuild the whole software to be sure.